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Hello Science 200, my name is Alex Pulice. I’m double majoring in Advertising and Psychology (which translates to “I suck at math”). I’m taking this course because I need another science course to keep on track with my degree path. When I schedule courses, a big influence of whether or not I choose a class is the quality of the professor, so naturally I read the Rate my Professor reviews for Andrew. He got a pretty good rating, so that’s why I decided to join Science 200. Apparently  I’m not the only one who reads Rate my Professor reviews, because after reading some of Andrew’s old blog posts, I stumbled across this.

I am not planning to be a science major because I already enjoy the majors I am in. I like to write and interact with people, and an Ad/Psych double major sets me up perfectly to do those things (and make a decent living after I graduate). I guess psychology could be considered a sort of science, but technically its in the liberal arts college here at Penn State. I do also love science!I-love-this-science-shit-21-Jump-Street-gif

I find it fascinating and enlightening. I’m excited about this course because it’ll give a non-science major like me a chance to discover and learn more about a subject that I do enjoy, but otherwise wouldn’t be able to pursue because of my major requirements.

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  1. Hannah Margaret Mears


    I was very amused with this post and found it so funny that you stumbled across that youtube video of professors reading comments about themselves. I found another funny clip of comedians reading tweets about themselves that I figured you might like as well. LINK

    Hannah Mears

  2. evk5294

    Hi Alex, I attempted to be a Psychology major for a hot second before realizing that it was too analytic for me. However, I think its super interesting that you’re pairing that with advertising and just read an article about it ( https://www.fastcompany.com/3032675/hit-the-ground-running/5-psychological-tactics-marketers-use-to-influence-consumer-behavior ). It’s totally wild that psychology is actually so important in this kind of field. On a side note (and possibly irrelevant one), this semester is the first I caved and used rate my professor (more like stopped being lazy than caved) and it has actually worked out in my favor and I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone!

  3. Samuel Sae Jong Lee

    Hi Alex, I am in the same boat because I am mainly in this class to stay on track and fulfill my last science gen ed. I stumpled upon this class and I really think that it was the right choice for both of us to take. Andrew is a smart but humble professor with a gnarly accent and as a science teacher he is already one of my favorites. The rate my professor video was hilarious and I think that you would appreciate this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKIQMJS9A34). All in all, hope you succeed in your future plans and good luck at Penn State

  4. knb156

    Hi Alex, I am too an advertising major and I thought you blurb about that major translating to “sucking at math” was funny. Like you, I think science is fascinating but I struggle to grasp its concepts. As I take more and more advertising classes, I realize the connection advertising and psychology have, and the way advertisers trick the human mind. here is a great link to the “science” behind advertising. http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/effective-advertisements#sm.000182vjhvropdjmtfq11ong46y22

  5. Katelyn Nicole Bowers

    Hi Alex,

    That’s a really great way to pick your classes! I’m a freshman and have never heard about that website before but I’ll make sure to use it when scheduling classes for next semester. I definitely relate to the “I suck at math” part of your post. AKA basically everything in this link https://www.buzzfeed.com/javim2/21-signs-you-suck-at-math-bw9q?utm_term=.rma7QY8RqL#.ienN2Wmlbv applies to me and might apply to you as well!

  6. Anthony Frank Trobiano

    Hello Alex, I really enjoyed reading your post and agree with a couple of the reasons you stated. I too had a similar reason as to why I chose this course. Not gonna lie, I did check Andrew’s rate my professor and saw almost only good things. Although we have almost completely opposite majors and I love math, you’re in the right class. My mom actually majored Psychology and my best friend from high school is majoring in advertising. Here is a link to what my best friend read for tips and to learn more about advertising. http://www.smalltownmarketing.com/advertising_tips.html . I hope this link helps you out in some way and I wish you the best of luck with your majors and this class in general. It is going to be a great year, let’s have fun but work hard!

  7. Jeffrey R Nelson

    Hey Alex, I could not agree more with everything you said in this post. I was looking for Gen Ed electives to take this semester and found SC 200 and was debating whether or not to schedule this class or a different class at the same time, but I chose Andrew’s class because he at least had positive ratings on Rate My Professor. I’m glad to find out that I wasn’t the only one with a similar experience! I think you have an interesting combination of majors that complement each other well. My friend was a Psych major as well and graduated last year, he works for Devereux (Couldn’t figure out the live link but here is the linkto Devereux’swebsite: http://www.devereux.org/site/PageServer). You probably are looking to go more into the advertising industry after graduating, and maybe you’ve already heard of Devereux, but if not it might be cool for you to check it out.

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