Always been interested in science

Hey guys, my name is John Rutledge, but I go by Jack. I am from central New Jersey, specifically Readington. I have always enjoyed my high school sciences such as physics, biology, and chemistry. My favorite though was Chemistry just because it always made sense to me. And in enjoying chemistry and always being intrigued by it, I found this article about a “limitless pill”. If you ever watch the tv show limitless it’s about a guy who takes a pill which basically makes you smarter and your brain work more efficiently. You can find the article here. Being that this pill is a break through in modern medical science there needs to be more research on the pill. We still need to know the long term effects and the short term and find how it reacts to different people. It is also still debatable how well the pill works because the drug is still pill

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  1. Brian A Vargas

    Hello, John! I was drawn to you post as I am a huge fan of the show and movie Limitless. I didn’t know there were similar drugs being studied. The article you provided was very interesting to me, especially as it tied into the world of business. Here is a link to another Interesting article I found on a drug compared to the movies NZT, based off the writers own experience with taking the drug.

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