Hello all, my name is Sarah Toyos and I am a freshmen from Bellefonte, PA. I am a local so I know my way around campus and the area pretty well. I am double majoring in Art History and Spanish. People keep telling me that my choice is a risky one, but it is something that I really enjoy. To be honest I am really bad and math and science, so this course seems like something that I can handle. I really enjoy that this is a course about critical thinking rather than right or wrong answers for the most part.

Honestly my favorite thing about science is Bill Nye. Watching his videos in my science classes throughout the years was how I learned the most about the topics we were studying. This video is Bill Nye explaining science education in US school systems.

This is also my favorite meme by far. It truly explains the american school systems. has-anyone-seen-america-bill-nye-comic

3 thoughts on “Art Museums and Bill Nye

  1. Alexander J Pulice

    Hello Sarah, my name is Alex. About your majors, the only important thing is that you enjoy what you are doing!

    It is pretty interesting how synonymous Bill Nye is with students all over America. I wonder if there will ever be another figure as prominent amongst children in the realm of science again.

    For your enjoyment:

  2. ref5184

    Hi Sarah my Name is Ryan and I’m going to have to agree with you that Bill Nye and that meme are the greatest things ever. Here is some pretty interesting must read quotes by Bill himself.

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