Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, and I’m a sophomore studying marketing and minoring in IST. I’m from Gettysburg, PA,¬†where the bloodiest battle of the Civil War happened.¬†Here at Penn State, I love football, Wings Over, and hanging out with my best friends who all are in my sorority. I think that Penn State is an amazing school for many majors, including science related majors.

I’ve always enjoyed science, I’ve probably watched Big Bang Theory about 3 times through the entire series and I now get about 80% of the jokes.


But I do think there is something intriguing about science, and how there is always an answer or explanation, even if the answer is “we haven’t solved that yet”. I have huge respect for the smart men and women who dedicate their lives to discovering ways to use science to improve daily life. It takes an incredible mind to study something like science, where your topic can be as small as an atom or as big as the universe.

In high school, I really enjoyed Earth Science and Biology, and tried to avoid class when I had Chemistry and Physics. When I got to college, my freshman roommate was a biochemistry major and long story short, I never saw her. She was always at the library and would stumble into bed at 3am for an 8am class. After this experience, my view on science majors dulled even more.

However, science is not the path for me. I chose SC200 because I needed one more GN and this one also fit nicely with my schedule. I love being creative and inventive and going with the flow. Marketing has allowed me to take incredible ideas and twist and mold them to what I want to convey to everyone else. Sometimes those characteristics aren’t favorable with science and its studies. So with that being said, I will continue to study marketing but am fully confident that SC200 will be an interesting course. Otherwise, my adviser has some explaining to do.

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  1. Sean Kyle Reilly

    Hey Sarah!

    I loved the little bit about Gettysburg and the Civil War you added in, and it reminded me about something I learned a few weeks back – how advancements in bullets and gunpowder for the infantry rifles worked out and some of the science behind it ( – Might need to scroll down a little bit to get to ‘Infantry’ weapons). Due to a combination of out dated tactics, diseases, malnutrition, and the advancement of the rifle and other weaponry, most Civil War battles ended up being incredibly gruesome and unnecessarily deadly.

    Best of luck with the class!

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