Bill Nye is Why I Loved Science

What’s up everyone! My name is Derrick Collins and this is my first year at Penn State. I was born and raised in the nations capitol, Washington, D.C. and am currently enrolled in the Division of Undergraduate Studies, with the hope of soon becoming a member of the Smeal College of Business with a major in Marketing. I started Penn State in the summer and believe it or not, met a lot of cool people playing basketball in the IM building that took this class last year. I told them that my schedule had not been finished yet and was looking for a gen-ed that would be interesting, which is when they told me about “Science in Our World: Certainty and Controversy,” which has lead me to where I am now.

DMPrintSmeal-100WEB-Copy-800x535 Here is a picture of Smeal College of Business where I expect to be in a few years.

In middle school, science use to be very interesting to me. My science teacher would always put on Bill Nye videos in class and would often bring in various animals such as snakes, rabbits, turtles, etc and she would let her class interact with all of the animals. It was not until high school until my love for science began to fall off. Despite Biology, I never became interested in Physics or Chemistry.

This class is not like the average high school class which is what I love so much about it. When reading the description of the course the goal is to encourage critical thinking of the sciences and on top of that this class is not for science majors. Maybe this class will bring back my love for science!

4 thoughts on “Bill Nye is Why I Loved Science

  1. txg206

    Hey Derrick,
    My name is Taras and like you, I am hoping to pursue a business major in the future. Have you ever been inside Smeal? I think it is a really cool building, although at the moment I have only a seminar in there. While it is not my intended major, I find marketing to be a very interesting topic.
    I think it is pretty hilarious how the American education system has burned that Bill Nye theme songs into our heads. I too remember watching him in elementary and middle school. Did you know that he is actually a very serious scientist? He now preaches concepts of evolution and climate change to a mature audience. Here is a video of Bill Nye on CNN. He discusses climate change’s impact on the floods in Louisiana and ends up calling out a climate change denier. It is a very informative and entertaining watch.

  2. Francis John Bassani

    Hello Derrick welcome to Penn State! I hope you love college as much as I do. You and I were in the same boat almost. My love for science faded but this course is not like any course any of us have had, I’d like to think at least because its true for me. Anyway if you like Bill Nye check out this debate i saw live from a screen from a college in my town! Its a debate with Bill Nye arguing evolution vs creationism.

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