Dance > Science

Hi SC200! My name is Daniella Cappello and you guessed it, I am not a fan of science. i am from Central NJ and have been dancing since the age of two. Like many of you, I am enrolled in this class to get a general science out of the way. To be honest I did not know what this class entailed until the first day and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It was relieving to find out I will not be suffering through a lab or memorizing the planets.

Although science and I do not typically get along, I always find myself questioning different aspects of science. For example, is there a cure to cancer? Do aliens exist? Questions like these and many others constantly circle in my head which is why I am actually looking forward to discussing them in class.

Now as I mentioned earlier, I will not be digging deep into science for my major. When I am dancing I feel as though I am able to conquer the world. While in science I feel confused and out of place.

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