Film Major but science is cool…

Hello everyone! I’m Frank Bassani I’m a Junior here at Penn State and I’m a Film Major hoping to become a Director and make either horror films or comedy. I have directed many films with friends and family ever since I was a kid growing up all over the country and developed a passion through the years specifically for the horror genre, however comedy is always a blast to write.

Anyway getting back on track this science class in particular was recommended to me by the sweetest adviser ever, Stephanie. When she discovered I was a film major she asked me if I liked science courses because i still needed one more to take. I said no I usually struggled with science and math related courses like biology, chemistry, physics, algebra, basic addition, you know the hard stuff xD. She then said she had the class for me and told me about all of the students who have been here before in my shoes who have taken this class and said it was a blast. Upon looking at the schedule for this class I knew this was going to be a very interesting and different science class. So far I see no reason why I wont enjoy this class very much.

Anyway the sciencey part of this post I decided to go with would be Stanley Kubrick’s Masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey. The movie is very challenging and makes you think about life, morality, as well as science and evolution. My photo is the HAL 9000 with its very horrifying quote.  And here is the films trailer. 2001 TrailerHALquote

3 thoughts on “Film Major but science is cool…

  1. cmt5658

    Hey Phil,
    This post was really interesting because while reading it I was trying to think of ways for you to connect science to films. Then I thought of all the crazy science movies I have ever seen, and thought how cool the relationship was because it was something that I never thought of. Maybe this class will help inspire your genre of movies. Just to settle my curiosity and maybe inspire you a little, I included a link of the top 20 sic-fi movies in the 21st century.
    I also had trouble connecting science to my major, International Studies to science, but once you look into it, science is somehow involved in everything.

  2. Philip Anthony Sweny

    Hey Frank! my name is Phil Sweny and I thought your post was very interesting. I really liked how you were able to relate your post on a very personal level. I know absolutely nothing about filming movies but I think that is very cool that you are into that kind of stuff since I am kind of a movie junkie myself. I’m into comedy as well as superhero movies like Marvel and DC and all of that. All of that being said here is a trailer for the new Justice league movie coming out in 2017.

    sorry its not a hyperlink I couldn’t find the option to create one like I did for my post.

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