Is Science an instrument?

Hello, my name is Jason Williams and I am a Junior majoring in Security and Risk Analysis and minoring in Global Security. Throughout high school and some of college, I have taken science classes and typically had trouble grasping the concepts. There were many things I enjoyed in the classes like labs and some class projects, but I typically felt behind in class. I found my biggest problem with science was that by the end of the class, it usually felt like I was missing some bits of information and it made it quite hard to understand the whole picture. I am taking SC 200 because I want a better understanding of science as a whole and the course overview seems very interesting. I have a few friends that previously took SC 200 and had nothing but positives to say about the course. Additionally, I am not a science major because I have interests more in people and networking, but I still want to learn more about science while still in school. Here’s a link to my major’s website for more info and attached below is a scientific fact I found online.

science fact

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  1. jrs6272

    Hi Jason, I completely agree with you one feeling like you missed certain parts of information. On my end it felt like the repetitiveness left me disinterested and not fully able to grasp certain concepts as well. I found Supply Chain as an exciting new opportunity to interest me. I know you are already a junior, but I will leave a link for you to check it out if you’d like to.

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