Hello, My name Jaier Avecillas. For those who don’t know who I am, I am the complete opposite of what you think I would look like. I am white skinned, blonde hair with blueish/green eyes, Not what you expected right? Well to tell you a little bit more about myself my ethnicity consists of Irish, German, Welsh, English and Ecuadorian (That’s kind of where my name came from(South American)), but I am also raised in a Syrian household and I identify myself more Syrian then hispanic. I have two sisters and one brother, I am the second oldest. I am doing this course because I was always fascinated by science. I like science very much, but the reason why I am not a science major is because I don’t like to be force to learn about science. I like to learn things that I find interesting especially in science. I also don’t like the speed of learning/teaching a science course, I feel like I’m rush and science can’t be rushed. It takes time to learn and I kind of fell out of “science” and I went into Telecommunications and I like filming/editing/directing. I like the art of story telling through film. There is also a science to the film world, and to be more specific HERE is a video that explains how to “Create the Ultimate Antagonist”.


There is a way on how to create a good villain that stands out from other villains.

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  1. Juan Carlos Jelenszky Diaz

    Hey Jaier,
    Im in a similar situation like you.: Im from Panama but my origin is from Hungary and Spain. I share your same idea that I like science but mainly the things that I find interesting and not the ones that not. I do not like that in much of the science majors they make us learn things that we do not find interesting. Here is a link of some interesting science facts .

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