Like Science, Hate Experimenting

Hi everyone, my name is Alex Kaminsky and I am from Toms River, New Jersey. The best part of growing up in Toms River is that it’s about three miles from my house to the beach! I am currently a sophomore hoping to double major in Accounting and Economics. I originally came to Penn State for Chemistry, however things changed rather quickly. I realized I loved science yet hated experimenting. I dreaded labs all throughout high school and I especially dreaded waking up at 8am to go to a four hour chemistry lab in the Ice rink. Not only was it extremely time consuming, it was pointless to me because the labs did not connect to the lectures we did in class. Yes, I know experimenting is a huge part of science, which is why I decided to not be a science major.

However, I am taking this course because I need to fulfill a science general education and Sc200 seemed liked a great and interesting fit. I decided to take this course because it focuses on a different side of a science that I’m used to. I took AP chemistry, physics and biology in high school and all of them consisted of experimenting. They were definitely a struggle, so rather than learning specific parts of science, I figured a critical thinking science course would fit me best today. Knowing that science is around us and in everything we do, I hope to learn why things are the way they are. That being said, I’m excited that Sc200 does not consist of research or experimenting, allowing me to look forward to the rest of the semester.

If I was actually going to be a science major, I’d most likely pick pre-med or biology just so I can be like Meredith Grey on Greys Anatomy (just incase you were wondering).


2 thoughts on “Like Science, Hate Experimenting

  1. Lydia A Chelli

    I have the exact same thought process when it comes to a science major- how do I become Meredith Grey? Since the show is very popular among young people like us, I was wondering how this must affect the science field. By watching this show, whether it be realistic or not, even people who performed poorly in their science classes in high school and college must have a part of them who thinks they can become a world-class surgeon. Here’s an article that talks about the science behind Grey’s Anatomy. The doctors who work with the producers hope the show inspires more students to study in the science field. I wonder how many doctors today were inspired by this show to pursue a career in medicine.

  2. Matthew Allan O'brien

    I took the same classes as you in high school and I felt exactly the same way about experimenting. I enjoyed lectures in bio and chemistry but when it came to doing labs, I found them tedious, uninteresting, and even counterproductive. While I understand the need for labs in science class, I hated it to the point where I wrote off a science major immediately. Here is an interesting article about improving science education at every level. Cool Article

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