Never Been a Science Guy

My name is Nick Schneider and I am currently a Junior Broadcast Journalism major. I grew up in Bucks County, PA, specifically Warrington, and for as long as I can remember I’ve loved sports, the beach, and most notably, not science. It’s not that I don’t find aspects of science interesting, it’s quite the opposite actually, I’ve just never been able to get excited about science because hardly anything taught in middle and high school sciences classes ever peaked my interest. Science in my earlier education was all about lame experiments, measuring liquids in beakers and test tubes, and writing boring hypotheses day in and day out.  While I always did well in these classes, i never cared much for them because i never really cared about any of the material.  However, my opinion on science changed once i started my junior year of high school. Fed up with the usual run of the mill science courses and determined to stay away from my math-science nightmare that was Physics, i elected to take a Forensic Science class. It was there that i realized that science wasn’t just learning about Galileo and chemical reactions, but that science could be applied in an interesting way to almost all aspects of life.  Fast forward three years later; I was planning my schedule for the current semester last winter when I realized that i’d need to take a science class to fulfill my credit needs.  Once again determined to stay away from a science class with even the slightest hint of math involved, i stumbled across SC200 – the perfect science class for non-science majors – what could be more perfect? So, here I am.

I’ve never really considered why science never appealed to me, but here is an interesting article that provided some insight.

If you’ve gotten this far into my entry it’s fairly clear by now that I’m not a fan of traditional science, that is obviously the biggest reason I do not plan to be a science major. Biology, anatomy, chemistry, simply put none of it interests me in the slightest.  Since a young age i’ve always been an outgoing, creative person who enjoys writing and reporting stories, so opting for a career in Broadcast Journalism over a career in the sciences was a pretty easy choice for me.

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  1. Hannah Margaret Mears


    Like you, I too am a Broadcast Journalism major and I never was a very science oriented person. However, I love sports much like you seem to and found that sports science videos on youtube are fascinating and fun to watch. It is not all chemical reactions and Galileo. Instead, it shows how athletes are able to perform the ways that they do. This video in particular is about Usain Bolt. LINK


    Hannah Mears

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