No Thanks, Science

Science has just never been my thing. And I mean, test tubes, the scientific method, trial and error, and even critical thinking. It has and honestly probably never will be an enjoyable thing to me. I am always thinking about random questions that pop up in my brain, but I never feel the need to use the scientific method and answer those questions. During elementary, middle, and high school, I never found a love for the subject. Something about the subject bored me, and it just never “clicked.” The subject is difficult to comprehend and grasp.


Quite possibly, I had just never had a teacher that taught things that I was actually interested in learning about: things that weren’t so common to learn about. I am very excited for this semester in SC200 to learn about topics that aren’t typed and explained in a textbook. I am excited to have answers to the strange questions that no one ever seems to ask.

My name is Cassandra Kearns and I am from Limerick, Pennsylvania. My major is undecided, but I am headed down a business track. Although science is not my “thing” I am hoping to find some enjoyment in this class this semester. BUT, as Michael Scott from my favorite show, The Office, helps to explain, I understand NOTHING about the subject. Here is a funny link to┬ásome of the funniest quotes from the show.

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  1. Alyssa Hardy

    Hey Cassandra!
    The first portion of your post explains my entire high school science experience. I never understood a single thing and I was never interested in the random things they thought were important for us to know. I will have to agree that I probably never had a teacher that made science interesting, although I am excited as well to learn about the random questions everyone wonders about but doesn’t understand. Those types of things are actually interesting to me unlike the scientific method.

  2. Wendy Sun

    I totally agree with you. I also felt that science has never really “clicked.” There was always something more interesting out there you know? Even if I do get curious as to how some things work, I never go out of my way to find out. It works because it works. I also didn’t have any teachers that made me “love” science. The only science I was remotely curious about is Astronomy. I took Astro 100 last year and I am currently taking Astro 130, which focuses on black holes and it was way better than the stuff I dealt with in high school. I hope you find a science that you’re somewhat interested in because after all, science isn’t just about test tubes and the scientific method. :’) here’s an article about black holes. (theyre really cool)

  3. agt5106

    Hey girl! My name is Amanda and I’m from Philadelphia. You and I have similar disappointments when it comes to elementary science projects. I dreaded the entire science board process, scientific methods and etc. Everything seems so forced and redundant. It seems like the teachers wanted to teach us how to ask questions. While this class we actually discuss topics that no average science teachers will ever try to uncover because they’re scared it’s too out of the box to talk about. I know we’re not the only ones but I found this article saying that there’s so much money getting put in these science laboratories for school kids but are taught boring science concepts.

  4. Angelica Marie Arguello

    Girl, I understand you completely with the whole thinking of questions in your mind but not ever really wanting to take it scientifically further. SCIENCE NEVER “CLICKED” IN MY HEAD EITHER!!! I found this article that explains why science is so boring…but the article might bore you too : (i’m not sure why it won’t let me make it a live link, sorry!)

  5. Kate Billings

    Hi Cassandra, I’m Kate. I’m also undecided and from Wayne, Pennsylvania which is about thirty minutes from limerick. (I know this because I’ve been to the outlet malls) I think I relate to your post in many aspects because first off, I love the office and I have had a similar experience with science. Throughout my high school and elementary school years I hated everything that we did in science classes, especially the labs and test tube experiments. I think science not “clicking” for a lot of people is due to the way it is taught. I actually included a link in my post about how science isn’t taught effectively in high school and I think that needs to change.Here’s the link,

  6. Hannah Mary Durant

    Hi Cassandra, my name is Hannah. I love Michael Scott and the Office and the link you provided is hilarious. My favorite The Office quote of all time is, “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.” As the meme put it, I also understand nothing when it comes to the subject of science. Test tubes and experiments were never my thing either and for me that could be attributed to boring teachers and boring subjects too. I’m also excited about this class though where non-science brains like us can finally be engaged and perhaps learn about interesting subjects and actually retain the information.

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