Not a science major but…

Hey everyone!

My name is Demi Badejo

I’m from Maryland and a sophomore majoring in Health Policy & Administration and minoring in Biology. Yes that’s right. I’m minoring in Biology. Before you personally escort me out of this class and into Chem 112, allow me to explain. If I were to major in Biology or any other science course I can kiss graduate/medical school goodbye.

TheIMG_0307re is an incredible amount of competition in regards to medical school and even the best don’t get in. If I was majoring in Biology I would fail at least—all my upper-level math classes and be forced to sell cold corn on the street.

Before I go any further can I rewind a bit? Back in high-school I was in the honors program for STEM students. I find science interesting but it was very difficult. I had to study hard to make the grades. My fear was majoring in Biology at a public university would set me up for failure. I figured I would major in something related to Public Health get a minor in Biology so that I would have all the required courses for medical school and a good GPA.

After talking to advisors and people in professions I was interested in; I found that HPA was the perfect option for me. I would still get hospital experience and have a fighting chance at maintaining a high gpa.

Now you’re probably asking “Why not take another science class that fits both your major and minor?” Great question! I was already at 16 credit hours and another class would likely add 4 more credits and that’s just…no. Right here is a link to a medical forum for anyone out there that’s not majoring in science but just may be interested in medical school. Feel free to comment. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advanced.

P.S my 19th birthday is today!

x Demi

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  1. Theodore Andrew Ochieng

    Hey Demi,

    I am in a similar situation to yours. I wanted to go into science to get into certain fields like artificial intelligence but had no interest in a particular science. I chose Maths because I was advised that it would give me enough base knowledge to move between different fields and that was the perfect option for me.

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Ademilola Esther Badejo Post author

      that’s cool! I have no interest in math. It could be the way I was taught in elementary school. I’m happy to know you found something you’re interested in! Good luck on your future endeavors. I figured I would link a post on career options you could have with a math degree focusing in artificial intelligence in case you’re interested Thank you for the birthday wish!

  2. Jovian Ebony Osborne-pantlitz

    First things first, HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY !
    Secondly, I too was once thinking of becoming a biology major until I took my first Anatomy & Physiology course at Penn State Altoona. I was quickly discouraged once I saw the course load and noticed you have to love science to do science. Therefore, I commend you for continuing and fish you the best in getting into med school. In closing, don’t discourage your self thinking you won’t pass any of your upper level Bio courses. You never know, professors at this university are very helpful.

    1. Ademilola Esther Badejo Post author

      Oh no! You shouldn’t have ended it there! Physiology was such a fun course for me (not really anatomy unfortunately it was dreadfully tiring). However I understand you completely! If you’re eager to learn and have a fun/interesting teacher, you’re in luck! Now for the other science classes I’m out of advice for you there lol. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  3. jrg5625

    Hi Demi,

    I thought your blog post was interesting because I considered majoring in Health Policy Administration as well as to combine my interest in science with my skills in the business aspect of that field. However, I chose to join the College of Communications to major in Public Relations.

    I share your frustration with having to really hit the books in order to maintain good grades in science- it doesn’t come easy to many. That’s why I chose communications. However, congratulations on finding your perfect career fit!

    I read this article online from The New England Journal of Medicine regarding health policy changes through financial incentives. Maybe you might find this interesting:

    …and happy birthday!

    -Julia Gallelli

    1. Ademilola Esther Badejo Post author

      Thank you! Funny enough in my group work I’m working exactly that. Your post is incredibly helpful and I’ll totally use it as a supporting document for my powerpoint!

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