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First off, shout out to all of my Rick and Morty fans. It is absolutely one of my favorite shows on television and I highly recommend it to anyone that likes science-y things whatsoever. With that being said,

Hi class I’m Samuel Lee and I am a senior majoring in Accounting minoring in Economics and Communication Arts & Sciences. I am in this course to fulfill my last Science gen ed and I wanted to pick a class where I could learn something fresh and new that I wouldn’t be otherwise exposed to in my major classes. I am really excited about this class because right off the bat Professor Andrew seems like someone who has an extensive background in the realm of science and seems very passionate about what he does. I also liked how he told the class to simply address him as Andrew because he explained that titles in the realm of science are unnecessary and everyone’s opinion is weighed the same within the classroom which speaks volumes of him.

The big reason why I am NOT a science major is because I struggled a lot with the big science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) at all in high school and subsequently did not like the classes. Still I am very much interested in the topic of science because I love to learn new things and see all of the new inventions scientists are creating like this bracelet.

Finally, I think it is important that when in the realm of science to “Open Your Eyes” to all of the possibilities and to formulate unique opinions with subsistence rather than regurgitating views broadcasted to a vast majority. People tend to believe absolute truths that cater toward their own set of beliefs and I believe at times it is important to be open minded especially when it leads to open constructive discourse. I am looking forward to the semester and I wish you all the best.

Fellow Penn Stater,

Samuel Lee

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  1. Ajay Shethna

    I completely agree with you i was never really one for the big subjects in science they would always go right over my head to the point where id get frustrated and just give up.

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