Hello, my name is Philip Sweny and I am a freshman. I am currently in the Division of Undergraduate studies and don’t really have a clear understanding with what I want to do. Right now I would say that I am definitely leaning towards majoring in criminology or something similar to that, but I would not be to surprised if that changed. I live in a small town in north east Pennsylvania called Erie. if it sounds familiar its because I live about ten minutes from one of the great lakes, lake Erie. I am very passionate about basketball and football, especially Penn State football (4 more days!) and spend a lot of my time at the IM building playing a little ball.

When I sat down with my adviser to schedule my classes, I was in pain wondering what science class I was going to end up. Two classes I were heavily avoiding  were chemistry and physics. I actually did decent in chemistry, but that was only because I put in a lot of work in that class. I also had a very good teacher in that class which is very uncommon with high school science teachers. Anyways, when my adviser and I were scrolling through all of the options I saw this course. To be quite honest, the description of this class really caught my eye and that is really the only reason I am taking this class (other than avoiding a chem class). I am not planning on being a science major simply because I was never very good at science and was never interested or intrigued by it.

In other news Bantu the gorilla just died after being sedated to be transported to another zoo. First Harambe now Bantu? when is this madness going to stop? Rest in peace big guy.bantu

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