Hi everyone! I’m Lexi Paxton and I am from Herndon, Virginia a small suburb of Washington, D.C. I’m a freshman and currently I am undecided but I’m leaning towards something business related. I initially decided to take this class because¬†science is typically one of my least favorite subjects, but when I heard about this class I was intrigued. Not wanting to take chemistry or biology, I was split between this class and the science of music which seemed much less interesting to me. I’ve seen many pictures of Dwight posted, so I decided to add to the collection because he is an amazing character to say the least. The Office¬†is my favorite show so I found a list of some of the great things that were said on the show.

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I am not planning to be a science major because of my hate for memorizing and reciting facts. I think more science classes should be about critical thinking rather than just memorizing elements or equations.

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  1. Anthony Mitchell

    Hi Lex,

    I absolutely agree that more science classes should be about critical thinking. i definitely am not enthusiastic about science as an engineer, but its still useful to know about. My adviser actually told me about this class, and I was curious to check it out. I held off on taking my science classes until Senior year, but kudos to you for knocking out the way early as a Freshman. Hopefully, we will both enjoy the class and learn quite a bit from it.

    P.S. The Office used to be one of my favorite shows too, but im currently binge watching a new show on Netflix. We will see how that goes haha

  2. Michael David Harding

    Hello Lexi, great post. I like to see that others went through similar situations as me. Science fascinated me pre-science class then it all died down. Hopefully this class can spark my love for understanding the world around me as well. The material seems like the kind of stuff that can grab both of our interests.

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