Hi everyone, my name is Annalise. I am from a small town called Clayton located in South Jersey. I am a Sophomore and currently studying Health Policy and Administration. I am taking this course for a couple of reasons. The main reason is because I needed a GN. Another reason is because I have heard GREAT reviews of this course and of Andrew! Friends of mine have highly recommended taking this course. When they first told me to take this Science course I rolled my eyes because Ive never been a science person, but they assured me that this course is even for those who loth science. They showed me their semester schedules with all the crazy sounding topics and then I was really interested and I knew I needed to see what Science 200 was all about.


I am not a science major because science has never been my cup of tea. I mean I really have never liked science… Iv’e never had any bad experiences in science class or anything that makes me not like it, I just don’t have a mind that gets excited when in a discussion related to science. I guess I just don’t understand any of it… Sure science was fun in middle school and high school, only when we did cool experiments in class and when the teacher would play an episode of Bill Nye , but I could never bring myself to enjoy learning about the facts and the formulas associated with science. Even though I have no clue what I learned in high school, I did pretty well.  I think that this course might help me appreciate science a lot more considering science is all around us everyday.

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  1. Johann Michael Kok

    Great post Annalise! I too heard great reviews about this class from my friends who have taken it in the past. I really enjoyed your link to the nice looking group of people dancing to the Bill Nye theme song. Here is the original version of that video

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