Hi, my name is Ryan Kusmira and I am currently a Senior here at Penn State. I am from a community south of the city of Pittsburgh called Bethel Park.  I am a huge sports fan, especially hockey. It was really exciting to see the Penguins win the Stanley Cup this past year! Anyways, I’m currently going to school to get a degree in Recreation Parks and Tourism management. If you’ve never heard of this major then please check out this link and see what it’s all about HERE. I had never heard of this major when I first stepped foot in Penn State, and many of you probably haven’t either. I am so happy I found this and I love my major. I needed to take another General Science class and my academic advisor recommended this one. She told me that it was much different than normal science classes and that everyone who she has recommended for this class really enjoyed it. So I figured why not give it a shot. This class already seems really interesting and I am really excited for this semester. There are many reasons why I am not a science major. To get started, I love science and nature, however I never wanted to pursue a career in it. I am a people person and wanted to find something where I’m able to interact with many people everyday. The major I am in now is group oriented and focuses on working together and is not all about exams. I really struggle on exams and this is one of the reasons I never wanted to be a science major. 061416-Pittsburgh-Penguins-Stanley-Cup-NHL-PI.vresize.1200.675.high.83

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  1. jdp5548

    Ryan, your post first caught my eye because of your featured picture. As I said in my own post, I played hockey for 16 years and I do also like the Penguins. I am from Greensburg, PA. Not too far from Bethel Park. I think this class is going to be the most interesting science class I have ever taken. It’s not conventional and it gets the curiosity wheels turning! GO PENS!

    Justin Passaro

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