My name is Mallory Dixon. I’m a freshman and I plan on majoring in Security and Risk Analysis. I’m from Mountain Top, Pennsylvania. (If you watch The Office, I’m about a half hour away from Scranton.) I attended Crestwood High School and I was a member of the Varsity cheerleading squad. This past February my team and I had the opportunity to compete in the UCA National High School Cheerleading Championships. I also have a twin sister attending PSU. My sister and I are complete opposites. For example, she loves science and I hate it.

I always liked the idea of Science, but I never enjoyed the classes themselves. I tried to convince myself that more I studied, the more the subject would grow on me. It didn’t. Psychology is the only science I have ever had an interest in. You can find some really neat articles about psychology here.

While I was creating my schedule at NSO I came across this class. All the other science classes available reminded me of the classes I despised in High School, but this class actually interested me. I was really excited when the description mentioned that this course is intended to promote critical thinking and how it is not a class for students who are majoring in science.

Skyler and I Graduation Day

(Yes, we are actually twins.)

4 thoughts on “Science

  1. Jordan Rhys Aric Smith

    Yeah, SRA! Up top!! ✋ <–(supposed to be a high five emoji…lookin' smaller than I had envisioned…)
    I agree, high school science kinda sucks. Here is an article about how most high schools don't even have computer science. The potentially only science worth exploring.

  2. Alexandra Paxton

    I think it’s really cool both you and your sister decided to go to the same school! I have a twin too but she’s going to a school about 20 hours away, and we are also complete opposites. Psychology is one of the only sciences that has interested me as well, so here are some more cool facts about it!

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