Hey ladies and gentlemen, my name is Hayden Del Sordo. Im a freshman from Williamstown, NJ (thats south jersey for the unfamiliar) and I’m here to talk about just how bad highschool science class was in comparison to SC200. Honestly, if there’s one thing i do remember at all from highschool, it’s the fact that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. To my surprise however, I walked through the doors of forum 105 to that lovely New Zealand accent asking me all sorts of questions about aliens, worm hosting kids and homosexual animals. My initial reaction was a  hell yeah . It brought me back to a time of curiosity and wonder that no boring memorizing of notes could ever have given me. For example, this was an utter hell. I look forward to the concepts we’re going to cover in the class, being that I’m a communications major with no real need for science, at least this will shake things up and keep it interesting. Sure does beat the droning on my senior year physics teacher would do (shots fired). Anyways, the class seems right up my alley, I cant wait to discuss the abnormal with all you goons. Love, Hayden

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  1. Casey Patrick Brennan

    You should probably go more in depth on explicitly explaining why you took this course and why you’re not a science major as that’s what is needed in order to receive full credit for the initial blog post. You could get creative with it by creating a metaphor, or just by adding more detail. Although I can definitely relate, memorizing the periodic table was a huge waste of time.

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