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Hey everyone! My name is Devon Green and I’m a freshmen in the Division of Undergraduate Studies hoping to major in something in business. I am from a small town 10 minutes outside of Philadelphia, PA. In high school I hated the science courses other than chemistry and that’s mostly because of my amazing chemistry teacher. I knew when deciding what type of major I wanted science was definitely not an option. At orientation when I was scheduling my classes the advisor recommended this class and after reading the description it caught my interest. It sounded more like a psychology class than science. I liked the idea of teaching a science class to a group of students who didn’t plan on majoring in science.I see myself really enjoying this class in the future because I appreciate when teachers make you think conceptually instead of standardly reading the textbook.

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Like I mentioned I’m from around Philly so I love going to concerts there and finding cool places to eat and hangout. If you ever find yourself in Philly looking for somewhere to eat and you enjoy sushi I highly recommend the Hai Street Kitchen. They make the best sushi burritos you’ll ever have.

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    1. Max Gordon Sickels

      Hey Devon, I’m a big Parks and Recreation fan so I appreciate the meme. I have never been to Philly and I’ve always wanted to go. I’ll make sure to try out that sushi restaurant when I do. I also found this class very interesting and the teachers cool accent helps keep me focused in class. I’m hoping this link of a puppy vs. a lemon works, hope you enjoy it.

  1. nft5025

    Hi Devon! I think it’s really interesting that you actually liked chemistry in high school! I was the opposite, chem was definitely my worst science subject. I’m also excited about being taught in a more conceptual way as opposed to more memorizing notes from a book. I’m from Toms River, NJ which is about an hour and a half from Philly and I love sushi so I will definitely try out the place you recommended. If you’re ever heading to Seaside for the beach, I highly suggest this sushi restaurant its my favorite!

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