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Hello SC 200!

My name is Sal Mattioli and I am from New York City. I am currently a Junior at Penn State studying Advertising and Public Relations. For as long as I could remember, I always loved presenting and getting people’s attention from a young age.  After taking graphic design classes in junior high and being involved with designing advertisements for work and school, I knew that I had developed a passion for marketing and advertising. Here is one of my favorite advertisements. I have worked for the past two years as a salesman for Enterprise Rental Car and have loved every second of it. From dealing with problematic customers to having a good chat with the frequent ones, it is safe to say there is never a dull moment there!


Why Am I Taking This Class?

Good question! After reviewing my degree audit with my advisor, I realized that I needed another science class to fulfill a requirement. She highly recommended this class and Mr. Read saying that most of her advisees loved the course and the professor. After only one week of class I can see what she was talking about.

Why Am I Not A Science Major?

Although i’ve always found science interesting and exciting, I can’t see myself as a professional in the field. Some say that I am studying a sort of social science by studying marketing and advertising, but aside from that I never had the passion that I have for business for any type of science. I  believe that science should be taught to everyone as it is important to understand for some of the reasons Professor Read stated in class (i.e. Our terrible Intuition). Although I loved watching Bill Nye and love learning about astronomy, I would not want to pursue a career in this field. I believe people should study something that they are truly passionate about as that will be the only field that they can do their best and succeed. I believe I am better suited for working with people rather than doing research and experiments. Therefore I am not majoring in science.

-Salvatore Mattioli

3 thoughts on “Science is cool

  1. Amanda Voirrey Rust

    Hey Sal,

    I definitely can relate to your interests, and the passion for human relations. I can’t say I would be good at car sales, but it sounds like you are! I also agree that I can’t see myself in the science field, but there are definitely topics and questions that interest me tremendously. However, there is a need in the world for scientists just like there is a need for more business-minded people like us. Everyone has different points of curiosity and that is what makes the world go round.

    I found this interesting article titled “Why Scientists Increasingly Need To Be Salesman” that ties the fields together, and I think you will find it interesting.

  2. Grace Anne Walker

    I thought your blog post was very cool and showed your character. When I was younger I loved to present in front of my family and friends too! I took an advertising class in high school where all we did every day was watch the best advertisements. My favorite advertisement of all time is the one with the Doritos and the goat from the Super Bowl. If your forgetting which one that it here is the link.

  3. ams8403

    I thought your blog post was very cool and interesting as well. I am just getting started in studying Ad/PR also so I share the same love with you presentation with others. I’m also taking this class due to my advisor saying I needed a science class for my requirement. Finally, I’m the same way as you since I think science is very cool, but I would never be interested in pursuing it as a major or field. Hope your semester goes well!

    Also, here’s my favorite advertisement of all time:

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