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What’s up SC 200

My name is Lauren Jardine and I’m a freshman at Penn State. I was pretty sure I wanted to come here, but to be totally honest I flipped a coin to make my final college decision. I’m from Rockland New York but my dad lives here in Pennsylvania. I am enrolled in DUS because I have no clue what I want to do or what direction my major will be in, but it won’t be science.

After looking at rate my professor and narrowing down the classes that way, it was pretty easy to choose SC200. I enrolled in this course because I actually really love science but would rather focus more on ideas than delve into the mathematical problem solving side. When I read the course description it seemed pretty perfect for me because I didn’t want to give up science all together, but also didn’t want an intensive chem class.  I like that this class might actually give us the chance to discuss and focus on strange ideas and not just copy facts from a textbook with only right and wrong answers.

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