Science is Extremely Captivating and all but… Not For Me

Hey everyone, my name is Anthony Trobiano. I am from a very small and interesting town in Bergen County, New Jersey called Ho-Ho-Kus. For those of you who have never heard of it (everyone) it is a 2 square-mile borough, 15 minutes away from the city. I grew up in a sports household being forced to play three sports a year from the age of 5. I started out playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. Sports were and currently still are my life. After middle school, I decided to attend a private, all boys, highly sports competitive high school called Bergen Catholic. Here you can find a video summarizing what brotherhood meant at my school. I pursued soccer at Bergen and also picked up indoor and outdoor Track and Field. As well as playing sports I enjoy watching them just as much. I am huge fans of the New York Giants, Yankees, and Brooklyn Nets. In my free time I enjoy going to the west fields here and playing pick-up soccer through an app called first take. This app, created by a Penn State senior, allows students to check into pick up games of all sports. I am currently a Freshman who belongs to the Division of Undergraduate Studies. Although I am undecided I know I want to go into the business field.

Why am I pursuing a business major over a science? 

I always get asked to question “Why are you doing business, you’re just like everyone else?” The truth behind the matter is that it has been my dream since a child to work in a stock market related field. My grandfather was the first person to show me how it worked when I was about eight years old. Ever since then I have just been so fascinated with the stock market and making money. With that being said I have absolutely nothing bad to say about science. Math and science were my two favorite subjects in school. I find science to be the most fascinating subject to study and learn. Just about everything in this universe will relate back to science. Over the years we have found out so many new things from new species to vaccines. As time goes by we are only going to discover new things, but the funny thing is there will always be more to find. Scientists, doctors, and researchers are some of the most important jobs in this world and they will only continue to help the world a better place. 534

Why am I taking this course? 

I am taking this course for multiple, incredibly important reasons. When I came to New Student Orientation I had no idea this course even existed or what it was. My academic adviser recommended I look at the description for it was an interested course that he thought I would enjoy based on my high school science grades. Although this class isn’t like biology, chemistry or physics, it caught my eye when it said real life problems relating back to science. This is something that really got my attention because I like science but am not required to take any courses based on my major. This course is perfect because although i’m not a form of science major I can talk about anything that related back to science. For instance, since I enjoy business and sports so much I can easily blog about it and learn how they relate back to science.

I feel as if this year is not only going to be interesting but will benefit me most in the real world. This is something that I look for in a gen ed and so far I could not be happier with SC200. Looking at the schedule all of the topics interest me and I cannot wait to learn about them. Here’s to a good year and lets make the most of it. Here is a link stating five scientific reasons a zombie Apocalypse could happen :). Thanks for reading my blog and lets have a great year.

-Anthony Trobiano


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