You Know Why I’m Here

Hello SC 200,

My name is Anthony Mitchell. I am a Senior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Communication Arts & Sciences (basically teaching people how to talk to one another). That introduction seemed a little basic to me, so I will give you as little more about myself. I am originally from New Orleans, LA and have a twin brother (fraternally). He is the older by four minutes, and we share a birthday on Christmas. I could definitely not be a Science major because I am not much of a technical person. Those are the “left brain” folks. I am more of a “right brain” kind of guy, and I am completely fine with that; it works for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate learning about different things and believe that no information is useless. I just won’t be using the information I take from this class into my major or in my field, which leads me to why I am in this class and you are reading this blog. I am taking this class because Penn State requires all degree seeking students to complete General Education (Gen Ed) courses to produce students that are “well versed in more than just their major”. I heard about this class from my advisor and thought it might be interesting to take on. So far, I have not been disappointed; I am hoping this this continues until December. But, that should be enough about me. I want to hear more about you, so leave a comment below.


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