Science is not my Favorite

Hey Science 200!

My name is Olivia Erb, I am from Williamsport PA and I am a Junior here at Penn State. My major is Secondary Education with a focus in math. Yes I know I am one of the crazy people who actually like math. This is my first semester at University Park, I started at a branch campus first. I spent two years at Penn State Altoona. I know Altoona the middle of nowhere right? It was actually a really good experience and I was glad that I started there.

I recently just changed major to Secondary Education I started out at as a Kinesiology major. You’re probably thinking why did you switch from Kines to Secondary Education? That is such a big change! Yes, I know but I was always back and forth between the two before I got to school. So thankfully I was able to see which major I would fit best in. As you can tell “science is not my favorite” that was the main reason I decided Kinesiology was not for me. I had to take so many Bio and chemistry classes that I felt like my mind was going to explode.

I was very skeptical to take this course because it sounded somewhat difficult and I just wanted a somewhat easy general science course. The first day I stepped into this class I was so happy, Andrew was so welcoming and funny and I knew that I was going to learn a lot from this class. To start with I love writing but I have never done any blogging. So I am excited to learn how to be a better blogger and writer. I also think that this class will help me with my organization skills. I like to think that I am very organized but I know I can improve. I thought this class was going to be like any ordinary science class you had in high school when the teachers say memorize this memorize that….BORING. That is not how this class is going to go I can already tell and I am excited to improve on writing, organization and note-taking skills.                                Image result for memes about writing blogs

Here is a video that shows why science is so boring. The teachers need to make it more fun!

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