My name is Trevor Dennehy, and I am a Sophomore Political Science Major and film studies minor. I probably plan on going to law school after graduating in a few years. The minor in film studies is just because I am a pretty big film buff. Here is a memorable clip from Network, one of my favorite movies.


Poster for Network (1976)

I’ve always been fascinated by science, in fact I used to have aspiration to be some kind of scientist, back in elementary and middle school. But the I got to high school, I began to realize science wasn’t just doing fun experiments about how the world works, in fact, it involved a good deal of Math, a subject that I have always disliked. On top of that, a Chemistry teacher of mine basically ruined the class for me, by incorporating zero labs, (except one time, when we literally cleaned test tubes) and instead spent the class lecturing and making us memorize numerous ions, none of which I remember today. So, that’s probably why I’m not a science major.

I took this class mainly because of my interest in the exploratory nature of science, rather than the math aspects. This seemed like a class that focused more on more of what I was interested in. Plus, it fit nicely into my schedule.

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