Science is not my thing

Hi my name is Maura Maguire and I am from West Chester PA, about 30 minutes outside of Philly. I am a freshman here at Penn State, in the College of COMM hoping to major in AD/PR. If you are unsure what AD/PR is all you need to know is it has absolutely nothing to do with science, lucky me. I basically chose the major because it required little science/math and heavy writing/reading. Ever since I was little I had no interest in science, I hated labs and absolutely despised anything that included some math. The memorization bored me and I constantly found myself wondering “what” ,”how” and “why” but only ever getting the designated answers provided in a textbook. Then as a grew up science became more math based and extremely more difficult so I basically found myself dreading every science class. It’s not that I did not apply myself or receive bad marks I just found my studying to be pointless and not rewarding. Basically if I never see a periodic table again it will be too soon. So when it came time to pick my classes with my College of COMM advisors I was nervous what boring science I would be forced to study. However, my advisor realizing my detest for all things science and math claimed she had the perfect class for me. A GenED that was for people who do not like science, perfect!  So here I am in SC 200 hoping to learn some science beyond the math equations and the textbook facts. I’m not really sure what to expect from this class but I hope it will maybe change my completely biased view on the subject of science. It interests me that this class is more opinion based and pushes the boundaries on what we know about the world, rather than what scientists tell us. No one was more excited than me to find out we do not have a science textbook. While the thought of any kind of science still makes me cringe I am eager to see what this semester has in store. To wrap up this blog post here are some fun facts about me: my favorite place in the world is Paris, I love any kind of music especially Kanye West, I am obsessed with One Tree Hill and my favorite movie is 10 Things I Hate About You. enhanced-20351-1445974811-2

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  1. Wesley N Ogino

    Hi Maura. I’m from Oxford, PA so we didn’t grow up too far from each other. I feel like I can relate with your excitement in the “pushing the boundaries” aspect of SC200. All of the topics seem awesome and some just look mind-blowing. During our first and second class, some of the topics Andrew brought up just had me thinking harder than i was expecting to during that class, which I can appreciate. I mean I’d rather be thinking hard than writing a 10 page paper. Also, I’m also a Kanye fan (particularly his early work) and I’m seeing him in Philly in October. Should be hype. Really enjoyed your post!

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