Science is so-so, while SC200 is cool

Heyy, Penn Stater! I’m Huang Yinghui from China. This is my first year in PSU and SC200 is my first GN class taken in Penn State. The only reason I chose this sounded boring course is my advisor’s strong recommendation. To be honest, my original thought is that just go to the first class, if it doesn’t go well, then drop it. Fortunately, I didn’t give up before I tried. Andrew is quite a unique teacher. He introduces obscure scientific knowledge with vivid explanation. Now I choose to stay in SC200 with all of you. : ) An interesting phenomenon I found in class is that not like other classes I’ve taken, this class has few Asian. This may be a good sign that helps me get involved in the class and adapt to the culture shock as soon as possible.

Talking about why I’m definitely not major in Science is that science is always followed by strict rules and regulations. I hate things which have to be repeatedly done like memorizing formulas. Overall, science is too serious for me. I’m currently in DUS and plan to enroll in Smeal School of Business. But who knows, the only thing doesn’t change is change itself; I may change my mind to major in Science in the future after finishing SC200.

The following is the video that Andrew showed part of it to us in the very first class. It’s TED called ‘The bugs are getting smarter. Are we?’ Hope you can enjoy it all. Happy SC200!!!

Class 2016 view 2

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