Science is the Worst

Hi SC200, my name is Anthony LoPresti and I am from Montgomery, New Jersey. I am a freshman in DUS. I played baseball and football in high school and I am planning on joining a club baseball team here. The reason I took this class was because I needed to take a science class and I hate anything that has to do with physics, biology, or chemistry. ” Certainty and Controversy ” sounds like it has nothing really to do with the topics I listed before. In high school, I did okay in high school but I had basically n o interest in the class. I decided to try chemistry honors the following year which was probably the worst mistake I’ve made. I realized that I hate Chemistry and am very bad at it. My junior year I took biology and I still did not like it but it was my favorite out of the 3. Another reason I took this course was because

I would never consider being a science major because it was by far worst subject in high school. I am currently undecided, as I said before, but I am thinking about going down a path in business. My top two picks to major in are finance and economics but I am still not a hundred percent sure. The reason I am choosing a business path because I really working with numbers. I liked Algebra in high school but I also took pre-calculus which I hated  but still, I like numbers so I am most likely headed down a business path.


The only aspect about science that interest me is the history of the universe and what other forms of live could be out there. I’ve heard about a couple really good shows that talk about these topics: Through the Wormhole and Cosmos








2 thoughts on “Science is the Worst

  1. Katelyn Nicole Bowers

    Hello Anthony,

    I am also in DUS and looking to go into a business major. High school science had a big part in why I decided not to go into a science major as well. I liked biology the most also and chemistry ruined my life. Not actually but it ruined every other day from the hours of 10:35-12:09 for my entire junior year. If your hate is strong enough I’d recommend joining this journal to share your ideas with the rest of the world.

    Hope it helps,
    Katelyn Bowers

  2. Matthew Edward Simco

    Hey Anthony. We have a lot in common. I am also in the division of undergraduate studies and look to transfer into the Smeal College of Business. I love baseball too, and may also try out for the club baseball team. Our science views are very similar too. I hate anything that has to do with physics, chemistry, and biology, and those classes were the classes I did the worst in during high school. I also am very interested in life on other planets, and I think that is the most interesting aspect of science. “” is an interesting article about life on other planets.

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