Science Just Isn’t For ME

Hello everyone! My name is Brian Vargas, I am currently a sophomore here at Penn State. I am in the Division of Undergraduate Studies, with the goal of being accepted into Smeal College of Business as a supply chain management major.  I’m from originally from New York City but moved here to Happy Valley when I was 11.

I initially enrolled in this course to fulfill  part of my general education science requirement, but class has been surpassingly enjoyable thus far. My DUS advisor recommended the class for me as I don’t have much interest in pursuing a science major, but she had gotten nothing but good reviews. I can see why, most classes that don’t interest me tend to lose my attention during lectures but not this class. I’ve always struggled with science mainly because the focus of what we studied in High School had no appeal to me. Things that involve business have always intrigued me so hopefully I can relate some of my future blog post back to that with relation to science.

Here is a link to an interesting science related youtube video I randomly ended up on a few weeks ago that was very interesting.  (25 MILLION Orbeez in a pool – Do you sink or float?)


2 thoughts on “Science Just Isn’t For ME

  1. Melanie Dawn Weltner

    Hi Brian!

    I noticed we have a lot of similarities in regards to why we do not mesh well with science also in our academic career paths! I have found many others on this blog, including myself, have a common interest in ultimately ending up in a career in business or management. I too initially took this class because my NSO advisor told me this was the perfect class for people who do not like or particularly enjoy science and I have actually really come to like it which surprised me. Here is another fun experiment involving Orbeez and a swimming pool to show they had a similar outcome when doing the same thing!

  2. Asaad Saleh Salim Al Busaidi

    Hello Brain,
    thanks for sharing something about you. I hope that you get in the major that will be the best fit for you. I watched the video in the link you provided and I really enjoyed it: however, I am still not convinced that a basketball will have the same effect on a cup of liquid than another ball of the same size but of a different weight I will certainly research this topic to understand it more. The link below is for another video in the same channel that I found very interesting and helpful for me.


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