Science Major?

Hello there! I am Savannah Stalnaker, and I am a psychology major. Psychology is technically a science, or rather a scientific study of the brain and behavior. My goal is to become a clinical psychologist, where I want to help people cope with mental illnesses as a therapist. At first, I thought I might want to be a counseling psychologist, but they do not typically work with mentally ill people, instead they help people transition through life. The two overlap heavily, but I want to use my skills to help people and I wish to study mental disorders.

So why would I take this course when it really does not correlate with psychology all that often? Well, I am not very interested in chemistry, and while I enjoyed physics in high school that was one of the hardest classes I have ever taken and I got my fill in on momentum and calculating the force of gravity the moon has on a 102 kg child on earth. I am done with that.

However, I enjoy debates, and the class description I read during orientation sounded very open-discussion based, and more so discussing theories rather than spewing out facts in a monotone voice for over an hour, the only other sound being pencils on paper and the occasional cough or sneeze. I am interested in the topics we are discussing in class, and I feel like this course will actually help me in life rather than knowing how to calculate how far away a ball of a certain weight would land from the base of the cliff of a particular height if you were to stand on top of it and throw the object with a specific velocity.


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