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Hey guys! My name is Amelia, and I’m a freshman from South Philly! *Waits for someone to start singing the Fresh Prince theme song* I’m currently in the Division of Undergraduate Studies, but plan to major in communications! After reading other blog posts, it seems as though a handful of people in this class are also into communications and/or public relations, so I guess I’m in the right place! While I was making my schedule with my academic advisor, I told her that I’m not much of a science person and she appointed me to this class. However, I do enjoy solving math problems, the reason being I am fascinated with the idea that there is always a definite answer to complex equations and riddles. I know that is odd because science and math go hand in hand, but I just truly do not find learning about cells, atomic mass, reproduction, etc interesting.

After attending the first few classes, I’ve come to the conclusion that Andrew reminds me a lot of my high school civics teacher. I enjoyed my civics class because it was challenging, yet intriguing, and forced students to think outside the box. By the way Science in Our World was described the first day, I believe we will be pushed to think in that way instead of just memorizing boring content. I’m taking this class simply because I need a science gen ed, but also because the SC200 introductory paragraph, course description, and course objectives were instantly captivating! The main focus of this class is right up my alley , and I am especially fond of how we can blog on a topic of choice (as long as it relates back to science of course)!

Although I will most likely never need to know the technicalities of science with the career I intend to pursue, science is inevitably all around us. In that case, I totally agree with Andrew when he says, “Non-scientists need to be scientifically literate too” in the syllabus! It is imperative to retain background knowledge in order to keep up with our world that is constantly changing. Even our world’s most popular music artists make references to science concepts in their music, and television show producers in their episodes. Did you really have a childhood if you never saw the Hannah Montana bone dance episode? If you never saw it, click here! This may sound silly, but episodes like these could potentially inspire students to study and/or retain information in unique ways!

2 thoughts on “Science? Not my thing

  1. dms6679

    Hi Amelia, I just read your blog and realized how similar we are. I am from South Philly as well, but I moved to the Northeast. It is really cool that you are considering public relations, that is what I am currently majoring in! So, if you ever have any questions about what being in the College of Communications is like totally feel free to ask me! I admire that you really like math, that is the one subject I can never comprehend, and always end up doing poorly in. I think it is really cool that you also realize that science basically plays a role in everything around us. In all your blog was really awesome, and you had one of the best videos I saw on here!

  2. Elizabeth Anne Galante

    Hi Amelia! I just read your blog right after posting my own and noticed that we have many similarities. Most importantly being that we don’t really have a strong interest in science and don’t see ourselves working in the science field or anything like that in the future. I found it interesting how you mentioned how you noticed that many people wrote about in their blogs how they were as well interested in having a career in the communications field. I found this interesting because this is a field I hope to pursue a career in and out of the five blog posts I read I didn’t see any that said that so its nice to see others are in the same path as me! ( and you 🙂 ) I also thought it was really creative when you talked about how science plays a role in everything in the world, even in the things we would never imagine (celebrities, TV shows). I really enjoyed reading your blog and definitely will continue to!

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