Science vs. EPP

Hey science peeps, I’m Angelica Arguello…but everyone just calls me Angie. You’re probably wondering what EPP is and it’s my major: Education and Public Policy! “What’s that? What can you do with that? Like a teacher?” All valid questions I’ve gotten but NO. At first I did want to be a teacher but then I realized that they are so underpaid for the amazing (some not-so amazing) jobs they do. So, I went for the next best thing…I’d like to either be a principal of a school or a Education Policy Analyst, which is basically someone that goes over all the policies that are set in schools and fixes them. And we all know that the education systems need some fixing in middle and high schools! So, once I saw that the analysts can make up to $100,000 AND i realized that I was actually interested in doing that I was like :¬†blog post #1


Yeah, I guess you guys can kind of see why I don’t like science. I’ve always been interested in helping kids in the education aspect of things. Science, even throughout middle and high school has never interested me at all, BUT I did choose this course because I heard that we literally spoke about everything someone can think of and that there’s a lot of thinking which I do like! Also, I heard Andrew had an accent (not gonna lie I thought it was Australian) and I’m obsessed with accents!

Here’s a link that further explains what EPP can do for students majoring in it:¬†Live Link

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