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Hi! My name is Mansi Patel and I am a sophomore in Divison of Undergraduate Studies (an undecided major). I am from a small town in Bergen County, New Jersey about 30 minutes away from New York City. My mother is a psychiatrist and growing up I was sure I would become one as well and take over her practice. However, when I realized that going to medical school was required in order to become a psychiatrist, I became unsure if going to school for many more years and completing internship, residency, and fellowship were things that I wanted to do. After taking an honors biology class my freshman year of high school, I thought a science related career probably was not for me. After honors chemistry and honors physics, I became sure that a science related career was not for me. I performed poorly in all of these classes and just found the material too difficult to comprehend majority of the time. Though I definitely found it interesting, I found that I wasn’t fully understanding the material, just swallowing it and regurgitating. However, what I am particularly interested in is the study of behavior and the mind so I am considering majoring in psychology, which is in the Liberal Arts college. There is a constant debate over whether or not psychology is a social science or a hard science. This is an article discussing why psychologists are not necessarily scientists. There is BS (Bachelor of Science) and BA (Bachelor of the Arts) for Psychology, so I am leaning more towards a BA in Psychology because there are no science related classes for this major.


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  1. Danielle Megan Sobel

    Hey! I think this is a really cool post. I thought it was a little challenging to read since it was in a large block formation, so maybe for your next blogs just creating smaller paragraphs to separate your ideas and to break up the post. But I think it’s so cool that you took all the high level science classes previously and that you know what you want to be in the future (I have no set in stone idea). Since you are looking for a Bachelors, I’d be interested in talking about options because I am too.

  2. Cassandra N Kearns

    Loved reading your post Mansi! You explained in detail your reasoning for not loving science, and I couldn’t agree more. I find the subject to be difficult and hard to grasp. In your blog post, your link was not live. In order to add a “live” link to your post, select a word or phrase from the blog and then on the tool bar at the top select “insert link.” After this step, copy the URL from the website of the link, and paste it into the given box. Here are the directions from a website I used to help you for next time!

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