Terrible Lab Partner

What’s up guys, my name is Billy Dever. I am a freshman from Blue Bell, PA (outside Philly). The reason I am taking SC 200 is because my adviser recommended it to me after I mentioned I wanted to avoid chemistry and biology. He told me the course usually had positive feedback and that people generally found it interesting. Since the meeting took place in the summer and this class is a gen-ed, it sounded good enough to me. An added bonus was that the course was in the afternoon. The reason I do not want to be a science major is because the material I have learned throughout grade school never appealed to me. Science classes have a different atmosphere to them, where everyone knows the material is going to be explained in the most complex manner. Not to mention boring as hell. Most of my work as a lab partner in high school includes getting the materials and calling over the teacher to drag them along until they give away the answers.

The picture above is a representation of me during physics class last year. Speaking of which, here’s some info on sleeping benefits.

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