Thank God For Advisors!

Hello Everybody! My name is Kristopher Hart and I am a junior in the College of Communications studying Broadcast/ Journalism. I am a Philadelphia native. YES! I am your typical Philadelphian, I love cheesesteaks, water ice, Phillies, the 76ers, and yes I have ran up the Rocky Steps.

I will only be studying in University Park during the fall semester for this academic year because I have been accepted to the Penn State Hollywood Program. During the spring semester I will be in LA taking classes but will also have an internship.

Over the summer my advisor reached out to me to talk about my schedule. She suggested that I add both a math and science course to my schedule. Lord knows that all of my academic career, I have not been the biggest fan of either subject. OS5mJUq-640x360Just thinking about Science makes me think of the Science class I took in the 8th grade. By far the worst time in my life. I had already taken Earth 101 which was a pretty easy course. I needed another Science course to fulfill my GN requirements. So she suggested I add Science 200 to my schedule. Once I read the course description it seemed like a class I would enjoy. It’s not a class designed for “science people” but asks questions that everybody wonders.

I am really excited about this course because it doesn’t just focus on one topic but covers a bunch of different topics. I’m really excited for Week 7 discussion on “Why can’t you live forever?”

Has anyone else wondered where their text messages go? I wonder it all the time. Here is a video that explains it.

Where Do Text Go?

7 thoughts on “Thank God For Advisors!

  1. zvk5072

    Hey Kris, that’s pretty cool how you are in the Los Angeles program in the College of Comm. I hope to be in the program some day as well. I’m a huge Celtics fan, so when I think of LA, I think of the Celtics coming back from 24 points down in Game 3 of the 2008 NBA Finals. Here’s a link in case you wanted to watch one of the greatest comebacks in Finals history:

  2. Wencong Wang

    Hi´╝îKristopher. I read your post, and I feel like your reason for chose this class is extremely same with me. I do not like any kind of science class. My advisor told me that I have to chose a science class for my GN requirements. My advisor recommodated me to take this class, and I really thank her. I readed the syllabus of this course, and I am so excited about the topic of each lecture. I watched your video, it is really fun! It also let me begain to feel science is fun class! This is a fun video you may want to watch.

  3. cas6339

    Hello Kristopher,
    After seeing that you are from Philadelphia, I figured that this would be a great post to comment on. I am from West Chester, so I am only about 30 to 45 minutes from Philadelphia depending on traffic. Growing up I loved Allen Iverson and to this day, I still think he was one of the best to ever play. Going to Philadelphia for cheesesteaks is also one of my favorite things to do. I am also in this class because my advisor suggested it, and like you I am excited for the class. The topics Andrew presented to us on the first day look very interesting and I am looking forward to learning more about them. Finally, I would like to wish you the best of luck in LA and hope that you don’t miss Philly Cheesesteaks too much.

  4. cas6568

    Hi Kristopher!
    We seem to have a lot in common. I’m also in the College of Communications, and I hope to study abroad in LA my junior year for the Penn State Hollywood Program. I’m extremely interested in the entertainment industry, and LA is the perfect place for that! I also don’t have a “science brain,” or a “math brain” for that matter. That is the main reason why I ended up in SC200. And did you enjoy Earth 101? I have to take another science next semester and I’m not sure which one I should take. And I’m also excited to learn about the Week 7 question, “Why can’t you live forever?” I’m also excited to learn about where evil comes from. It’s a shame that Penn State wouldn’t let Andrew teach a course on it!

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