The Idea of Science

Hello, my name is Amira Oloufa. I am from the Poconos in Pennsylvania and I was born in San Francisco, California. I am still unaware as to why my parents moved me all the way to the east coast when I could probably be enjoying In ‘N Out right about now. I am a freshman and currently enrolled in the Division of Undergraduate Studies. Up until sophomore year of high school, I wanted to enter the medical field. I was always fascinated with medicine and knew I wanted to be a surgeon. To me, being a surgeon had to me the most rewarding job possible. I loved the complex thought process that a surgeon goes through to figure out how to save a life. I did not care about all the schooling involved to be a surgeon, or all the work needed to be put into eventually becoming a surgeon. All I knew is I wanted to save lives.


Then, it all changed when I took biology in high school and decided medicine is not for me. Junior year, I got to take my favorite class of all time, Everyday Law. This class is what made me want to be a lawyer. I love the intricacies that are involved in law. There is a lot that has to go into law and so many ways to interpret different laws and finding loop holes to argue a case. Although there are a lot of years that go into becoming a lawyer, I am perfectly fine with it. I still have the goal of becoming a lawyer but I am just stuck in between which undergraduate degree I would like to attain would. Currently I am juggling the idea of becoming either an English or Business major.

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I have always loved the idea of science. But understanding science does not come easy to me. I hate writing lab reports but I love experimenting. I like being shown science and examples instead of just explaining the concept of a scientific idea to me. I have a high appreciation for what science has done for us and how it explains the world around us. I wish I was better at science because of how fascinating it is. I have taken multiple science classes in high school, including, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, and Physics. In Biology, I enjoyed doing experiments and looking at different things under a microscope but hated the post lab reports that came with the experiments. For Chemistry, I loved mixing different substances together to see how they each reacted but when it came to my lab reports I struggled immensely. And with Physics, I cannot even explain my hatred towards that class. I hope to never have to take another Physics course again. Anatomy and Physiology is the only science class that I have taken so far that has come easy to me, a class where I barely had to study for. Even the lab reports were relatively easy for me to write, with barely any time or effort put into it.


I am excited to take this course because I get to learn the ideas of science around me but in examples. I like the idea of studying the science of everyday life. I have always been interested in the basic sciences around me. This course should be very interesting to me and I cannot wait to dive into new topics and ideas.

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  1. Mansi M Patel

    Amira- first of all, cool name. Secondly, your comment about In-N-Out stuck out to me then most when reading your blog post. I tried it a few years back on a trip to California. My first question, “Why can’t they expand the chain eastward?” It’s selfish, really.
    Here’s an article about In-N-Out imitators. I’m very doubtful that anything can compare to an In-N-Out cheeseburger, but I guess there’s no harm in trying a few out.

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