The Science of Sex Appeal?

If you ask many people one simple question, “What makes a person attractive?”, you would end up getting a multitude of answers. Attraction seems objective to the naked eye, but is actually a series of complex elements that humans subconsciously pick up on. Being physically attractive is the fist element people usually think of when asked about attractiveness. For example, having an hourglass figure as a woman or being tall and toned for a man. This is also called static attraction. It is usually something one cannot change about themselves. For example, the symmetry of your face. Finding somebody physically attractive can actually change depending on where you live and what the culture is like there.

science of sex appeal


Physical attraction can also be manipulated. Push up bras, make up, or even going to the gym can be used to make oneself more attractive. While being physically attractive is important, it is not the only factor. Part of finding somebody physically attractive is subjective and that is the second biggest part of attraction. The article linked above proves that point with two different experiments. Although the experiments in the article were conducted differently, the outcomes were very similar. People who were associated with positive traits were rated more attractive while those with negative traits were rated as less attractive. That key element is called dynamic attractiveness. Dynamic attractiveness is basically our body language and personality traits that factor into attraction. For example, traits such as humor, popularity, or even being an animal lover can make a person more attractive.

Hot Guy with Dog


In conclusion, sexual attraction is something very complex. It is objective but at the same time subjective. So next time you daydream about that person in class, think about what actually makes them attractive to you.

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  1. Katharine Marie Sayer

    Let me just start with that dog is super cute. Wow. Anyway, I like the picture that you posted of all of the women. That has popped up on my twitter feed multiple times before and I just find it so bizarre that each country defines “beauty” and “attraction” differently. Definitely in the world today, I think some of the images changed- especially in America. People believe that they have to be stick thin to be beautiful and more often than not, I hear girls diss on their own bodies. Everyone totally beautiful in some shape or form and it sucks that we let society judge that for us. While I do initially judge on looks, I love the dynamic attractiveness from people. That, I believe, defines who they really are. On a side note, did you hear about that girl who transformed herself into Barbie? Could you imagine? (

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