There’s a Science to Why I Don’t Like Science

Hi, my name is Maddie Taylor.  I am from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, and I am a freshman this year.  I plan to major in Marketing, although I am in DUS for now.  While I did not hate science during high school, it certainly was not the highlight of my day.  Biology, chemistry, and physics were never my thing, however, I did enjoy AP environmental science my senior year.  So, as I sat with my advisor trying to schedule my first semester of classes, I quickly eliminated just about every science that I had previous experience with, especially those with lab requirements.  After about ten minutes of unsuccessful searching through LionPath for a science course, my advisor finally recommended that I take this class, SC200.  I read the course description and I was immediately intrigued; I had finally found a science course that interests me!  The added bonus was perhaps reading the words “this course assumes no background knowledge”, which convinced me that I should definitely take this course.  I look forward to further developing my ability to think critically as well as my scientific knowledge overall.

Here is a link to the type of science articles that I can actually tolerate reading.  (I love BuzzFeed)

As you may be able to tell from what I just told you, I am certainly not planning on becoming a science major.  That would be a disaster.  I always received decent grades in my science courses, however, they were usually my lowest grades out of all of my classes.  Science and I do not seem to get along; it has never really clicked for me.  My roommate here at PSU is a science major, and I can honestly say that every reading and assignment she tells me about just sound absolutely dreadful.  I have always preferred humanities courses over math and science courses, and I know that my future career will not be enjoyable to me if it is science based.  That being said, I have always enjoyed things that allow me to be creative and express myself.  I love fashion and I work retail, so the business side of fashion is of great interest to me as a potential career option.  While I do not have anything personal against science or science majors, I know that it is not my calling.


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