There’s Potential to Like Science

Hi SC 200! My name is Naseem and I’m from State College, so I’m a townie and love Penn State.

I for sure am not science major. I wished I found science interesting. I really do. Unfortunately, I have always sat in science classes regretting I had walked in because I grew bored easily.


I look at my older brother, a doctor, who had to a bunch of science courses in college to get to medical school. He was not eager to take them, but he learned everything he needed to become a doctor and now finds scientific concepts interesting. ┬áIt’s not like I want to be a science major because it is not what I want to study, but I want to become more interested at least; or learn about scientifically related subjects that interest me. For example, I have always been fascinated by the human brain and how it works. That is a reason why this course is different; because it is open to analyzing a plethora of scientific topics. Everyone needs a science class as a general education credit, but I am taking SC 200 because I want to get a new experience of science and see if this class can change my perception of it. I’m a hospitality management major, and I know for sure I am in the right field because I already love my HM classes and have wanted to be in the industry for years now. With that being said, I am glad to be taking SC 200 because college is a great time to get the best education on any given subject, and I intend on getting a unique science experience from this class in comparison to the ones I took in high school. There is great potential for my perception of science to change with SC 200.

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