Why I am in SC200

Hi everyone, I’m Mike. I’m entering my junior year here at PSU, and majoring in business management in Smeal. As far as science goes, I find it very interesting, although it is not my strong suit. A friend of mine recommended this course because they were in the same predicament as me, and said that this class was interesting yet not the typical chem class taken here at Penn State. I’m much happier working with business as a career rather than science, and business just makes sense to me, it naturally clicks. As it turns out, my Myers Briggs personality results are ENTJ, and a suitable career path for me is in business.



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  1. Hannah Elizabeth Welty

    I also took a test similar to that to figure out what track I should be on. I came in to PSU undecided, however my top choices were all things that I had considered at some point!! It’s crazy how accurate things like that can be but its very encouraging to know how much technology can help us!! Best of luck to you!
    Here’s a quick test for anyone to try out!

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