You like Math but hate Science?

Hey everyone! My name is Melissa Lee and I am a freshman studying in the Smeal College of Business. I am from Marlboro New Jersey. I live 30 minutes from the jersey shore and about one hour from New York City. I definitely get the best of both worlds living so close to two of my favorite places. Through all my years of school my favorite subject has always been math and I always struggled with science. I really like this person’s viewpoint on why she enjoys math. l I always get asked why I love math but hate science. Math and Science usually go hand in hand in and people usually like both. Although math was sometimes challenging I always loved the excitement of finally getting the right answer after a page full of work. Every single science teacher I had throughout high school was terrible to say the least. The material just never seemed to catch my attention or maybe it was the teachers. I could never be a science major because high school made me hate science. I would want my major to be focused more on math. I took this class because my advisor pointed it out. I needed to take a science general education class.  Once she pointed it out it definitely caught my eye as an interesting class. I did not want to take any classes like biology or chemistry. This class stood out because there is no course like this in high school. The topics in this this class seem really intriguing. I am excited for all the things that will be explored in this course. There are so many questions in science that have not been answered yet. I often struggle with classes that involve critical thinking but I think this class will be a good challenge.


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