gymScience is seen everywhere throughout our daily life.  Whether it be in our hobbies, studies, health, or what we consume, it plays a major part and we would not be where we are today without the knowledge and understanding of science.

After thinking of topics to write this blog about I decided to look into the good and bad aspects of pre-workout and the main purpose of athletes using it.  Growing up with two typical “gym tan laundry brothers” I always watched them trying new powders and supplements and wondering if they are actually safe and healthy for your body. Marketing can be extremely persuasive on humans and sway their decision to buy something solely based on the appearance of the container and the benefits, rather than the importance of health and what it can do to a persons body. I often questioned the point and the side effects thinking it cannot be that good to put a powder in your drink to get a rush of energy just to burn off the calories shortly after. Some say it is the exact same thing as any caffeinated beverage like coffee just in a different form, others say it could be extremely damaging to your health down the road. For those who are unsure of what pre-workout is exactly, here is an article describing the process and point of using it. I, myself do not take pre-workout on a daily basis but there has been many times where I tried my brothers before working out with them. my lips would instantly begin to itch and tingle as one of the major side effects. There are many chemicals and ingredients formed together in these supplements and powders to give the quick energy booster it is known for. The ingredient creating my lips to tingle every time I try it is called Beta Alanine. Beta Alanine is an amino acid already in our bodies, but when it is combined with another amino acid called Histidine it forms muscular carnosine, which works to fight off the muscles that create discomfort, especially during a workout. One additive in a majority of pre workouts is Niacin. Niacin is a B vitamin most importantly used for fueling your body and reenergizing it. It also serves a purpose in lowering cholesterol levels and protects the body against heart diseases. There are many other chemicals and ingredients in pre workout but these two are examples of how it could be considered harmful from the uncommon chemicals used to create it, yet beneficial for the vitamins provided and aid to fulfill a good workout.

The chemicals in pre workout are questionable to athletes health but is so commonly used because of the instant energy rush it gives you, which is tremendously helpful for a workout especially if you are tired and do not want to be there after a long school or work day. Whether or not to use pre workout will forever be a controversy that some are totally for and some are against until it is proven that it is hazardous towards humans health.




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