What makes people sexy?

Have you ever been out with your friends and you saw someone and just thought, “Dang, that is one attractive person”? Have you ever wondered why certain people just appear to be more attractive than others?

According to Telegraph.co.uk, a recent study shows that long distance runners appear to be more attractive because their levels of testosterone are higher making them appear more manly and also causing them to be more fertile. There are many biological traits that draw us to people and cause us to become attracted to them.

One of the most important traits is facial symmetry. Having a face that is symmetrical is appealing to prospective partners. It tells them that good genes will be found in this persons body. This characteristic is also linked to extroversion, congeniality, and faithfulness, which makes it easier for good looking people to find jobs and make friends.

Physical appearance is not the only thing that can cause a person to appear more attractive; personalities also play an important role. According to  StanleyDucharme.com, a study was conducted to see what men and women found out about each other. These men and women were generally attracted to people who seemed happier, more positive, and friendlier in their attitude towards others.

These things are what typically attract people to each other Is there anything that attracts you to another person? Is there anything that makes you un-attracted to another person? What personality traits are a turn on for you? turn off?

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1 thought on “What makes people sexy?

  1. Cristen Heaton

    I remember in high school always looking for the “sexy” guys based on their looks but never caring about their personality. But now that I am in college I am the complete opposite. I would rather have a guy with a great personality than great looks. I mean don’t get me wrong, I still want my boyfriend to be cute but being cute isn’t going to make a relationship work. The article I found is a great read and I think you would find it very interesting.


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