Embrace the Bush

For many years, there has been a trend in female grooming that they should be as bald as a pre-pubescent tween in our more intimate area. Besides the fact that it is obviously expensive for such upkeep, science suggests it is better to keep your pubic hair versus shaving it off.

As a young woman, the idea that body hair was unhygienic was seared into my brain. However, it was the idea that female body hair was unhygienic. Males, on the other hand, could walk around with the body hair of a yeti judgement free. I began shaving and waxing at a very young age; getting rid of all the body hair that I could. This came to a very sudden stop around a year ago. I realized how much money I was spending, and as a soon to be broke college kid, I needed alternate methods. I do think I have found the perfect one: not shaving. As much anyhow. If the money I was saving from shaving less regularly wasn’t enough, I had discovered that there was indeed scientific reasons to not shave as much.

In an article written by Ellen Scott from Metro, the reasons to keep your hair as nature intended are outlined. Firstly, the hair is there to show that you are physically ready to procreate. As well, it helps against uncomfortable friction during sex. Shaving your vagina also often causes skin irritation; which include red bumps and some of the worst itching imaginable. Not to mention, it is quite risky to take a razor to such an intimate area. Most genital injuries reported in the emergency room are due to removal of pubic hair.

The most significant reason listed in the article to not shave your pubic hair is the correlation between the hair removal and an increase in sexually transmitted diseases. More specifically, the theory is that there is a correlation between the increase in removing pubic hair and an increase in gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HPV. Evidence from another article written by Jessica Winters from Thought Catalog only further reinforces this reasoning. She cited a study done by the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, which stated that more than half of women who remove their pubic hair develop some sort of health problem related to it. Needless to say, I think the science behind it is telling we need to start embracing our body’s

Source: Tri Vo/Mic

Source: Tri Vo/Mic

more natural state.

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