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Today’s class (9/8/2016) opened up with a very interesting survey that was conducted by Michigan State University. I know, I know, I don’t like Michigan State either, but I’m willing to keep what happens on the football field out of this. Anyway, the survey went through a list of reasons why recent Michigan State graduates were getting fired from their jobs.

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Unable to demonstrate proper written and verbal skills, unethical workplace behavior, late assignments, and being late for work were some pretty common reasons as to why recent graduates are losing their jobs. This article also describes similar reasons as to why college students are not getting and keeping jobs. You would think it would be common knowledge by the time you graduated how to properly act while at work or how to arrive to work on time, but I guess some people will never learn. This really got me thinking about some of my past classmates and their actions while in school.

In high school, students have a tendency to feel very entitled. If they receive a grade they do not like, they feel as though they can argue with the teacher until their grade is brought up. Or, even worse, they have their parents do their dirty work for them. I have seen students who put off doing assignments time and time again, boasting to their friends how late their work will be turned in but how they know they can sweet talk their teacher into accepting it.

Now, that is not just a problem with my classmates, but I feel as though this problem goes deeper into my generation as a whole. People feel as though they can push limits without consequence, which in the real world just isn’t the case. Once you make the transition into college, deadlines start getting more and more strict. Parents almost never get involved with educational maters, although I would not be surprised if some students still tried to pull that stunt. Now, maybe I am jaded because my parents taught me at a very early age about accountability, but there is no excuse for bringing your parents into a situation in college when it comes to arguing a grade and whatnot.

I guess what I am trying to say is people need to start to realize that in the real world, a deadline is a deadline. You are expected to be professional in everything you do, including the work you must get done. A boss will not extend deadlines for you- if he or she expects something at a certain time, you need to get it to him or her at that time. It simply blew my mind to see the mistakes some recent college graduates are making, resulting in termination. Things like verbal and written skills often get lost today because we are so caught up in technology. We went from calling people on the phone or writing them a letter to simply sending them a text. This severely limits our ability to practice and sharpen those skills, making those skills almost a lost art.

Over-all, this talk of this survey has made me realize that I truly need to start working on my professionalism. If I simply work on basic human skills, then it looks like I will be one step ahead of my peers when it comes to finding a job. I encourage everyone to do this as it will only give you an advantage when it comes time to start a career.

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