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With the well development of our society, more and more tasks and homework come with teenagers and new workers. The large amount of people who are young now faces a serious problem that it’s difficult for them to get up in the morning. One strange thing ought to be noticed that teens with more energy than older people,  but why they seems like more exhausted than middle age people during working in the morning.

According to a reliable survey, difficult to get up is related to insomnia, but not directly. Professor Andrew told us the third way about relationship named confounding can be applied here that the reason for both of them is chronic living habit. The brain cortex of human is not constant, and if we often go to sleep early or get up late in a long period, cortex will suit this biological clock. It means that once our bodies adjust to this living habit, it’s difficult to change. In addition, insomnia is the result of giant external pressure comes from work, family, or social relationship, but difficult to get up is product of losing self-control ability. Fortunately, the people who are difficult to get up have less pressure than normal people, because they don’t need to make their brain over work all the time, and in another way, this bundle of people is reliable for friends with pure spirits. Like an investigation says, the relationship in society is filled with lying, hypocritical mind, and selfish action, but the analysis in physical field, the people who are difficult to get up are more cordial than normal people.


What’s more, there is a magic phenomenon attached to difficult to get up that biological clock can be reversed. In general, teenagers have no energy in the morning, but they have double or triple energy in the evening. When teens decide to get up and work before 10 o’ clock, their biological clock aren’t active, and their brains still like in sleeping. To be balance, their minds are incredible excited in the evening, and they can work or study more effective. One of the most famous entrepreneur and inventor in 19 century, Thomas Alva Edison, likes to work at night, and many of his inventories are came up with during the night instead of morning. As scientists mentions, people’s brains are amazing for using. In the evening, brain cells are more likely to be innovative, but in the morning, they can only follow constant orders without passion.


Finally, a survey points out that another reason why some people are difficult to get up can be attributed to romanticism such as love, and following stars. The people who are romanticism rather than realism have more soft heart, and they are not adamant. In many times, the people who get up difficult are likely to depend others. What they need is a person can wake them up on time, while clock is useless for them. Plus, on the one hand, the people with soft heart won’t get stupendous achievement in career, because they lack innovative pursuit and courage, on the other hand, the great personalities they own are loyalty, and earnest. In the morning, clock is a machine instead of reliable person such as parents, and friends for them, and they can’t realize safety on machine. Because they are romanticism, they hope their intimate friends can replace clock to wake them up. Nevertheless, when they live alone, clock is nothing for them, and if they are in lonely situation for a long period, they will be difficult to get up.


To resolve this big problem, we have two scientific solutions. First, we need a make a schedule that what we will do tomorrow.  To be essential, schedule is important for everyone, because it can let you be clearly about your future. In the meantime, only the people with strong heart can get over this problem, so as soon as you make a schedule, you ought to imply yourself that you are excellent enough to get up on time. In the prior time, even thought you are difficult to get up, you can promote yourself with strong heart and consciousness because you know what you need to do on schedule. As for solution two, the external situation of sleep is also important such as noisy, and light. The scientists recommend that the temperature of light ought to be turned to warm when you go to sleep. The warm light can make people’s brain enjoy sleeping time better, and the efficiency of sleep is same important like sleep time. Warm light makes you enjoy deeper sleep easier, and deep sleep is more appropriate for teens to relax tired brain.

The problem of difficult to get up is more and more popular in society. Click here to see it.


2 thoughts on “why it’s difficult to get up

  1. Jeremy Perdomo

    I think it is safe to assume that every single college student that reads your title is instantly intrigued for one main reason: we can all relate! We are always complaining of early classes because of the laborious process of getting up every morning, so I must commend you on picking such a witty and interesting title.

    Now, naturally, I was intrigued by this article because my sleeping patterns are uncanny and awkward, to say the least; everyday, I wake up extraordinarily early and throughout the day, I take naps that somehow keep me energized and ready for the next couple of hours. After completely reading your blog post, I asked myself “Do naps actually help people stay healthier and more focused throughout the day than taking the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night? Have doctors been misguided? And is the human body made for this patterned sleep cycle?” I have all the answers!


    According to the article in the link above, our bodies are biologically predisposed to certain sleeping patterns! The man in the article explains how ever since he let his body decide how it should recharge itself- eight hours of sleep versus segmented sleeping- it chose the latter over the former; this supports the hypothesis that people should take naps instead of one lump sum of eight hours each night. By extension, this might possibly be a plausible cause as to why it might be difficult for people to get up in the morning based off of the normal eight hour sleeping routine that society is very used to. Interesting, right? Therefore, when you go to bed tonight, try to get less sleep and take regular 30-60 minutes naps throughout the next day and watch your body instantly energize itself!

  2. Hannah Gluck

    I have always had a hard time getting up in the morning, but most of my other friends are early risers, so reading this was very informative. I guess this mean that I have less pressure than normal people and I don’t make my brain work overtime. But at the same time this is a product of losing self-control ability. Im not sure which is better. I don’t want to stay up all night worrying about all the external pressures I have. But losing my ability of self control is not good either. Another survey says that this could be due to my romantic life. Someone who has a hard time getting up in the morning is likely to depend on others. Im not sure if I believe this. Yes I have been in a relationship for 2 years but waking up in the mornings has always been a problem for me. It didn’t just randomly start when I started dating. Even when I was younger my mom would have to pull me out of bed because mornings were never for me. All these surveys and theories are interesting but i’m not sure which ones to believe. Im still trying to find a way to make it easier for me to get up in the mornings.

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