Why does people hate snakes??

Snake, an ancient species, has lived in the earth for millions of years. In China, ancient Chinese people even put the snake into their’s twelve animals. But lots of species occurred by that time have already extinct. But the snake lived till the present time. But why most of people does not like these ancient species? Even some Chinese people born at year of snake.


As for me, I think there are two reasons that snakes make people does not likes them. The first one is they are very very dangerous to people. There are hundreds of species snake in the world. And most of them has a poison teeth. So when those poison snakes sense a threaten,  they will attack the target really quick, and inject the venom into target’s body. After these venom in the target’s body, the venom will attack people’s central nervous system, and let the animals or humans lose their moving ability, and put people into the coma, and died slowly.  So if people does not inject the vaccine immediately after they got bite, people will die in couple hours even quicker. Even people got the bite from a not deadly snake, people will still got redness or swell on their skin.

The most famous deadly snake in the word is Naja. These snakes are very vey danger to the people. If a people got bite by these snakes, people usually dies in 5 to 6 hours by the symptoms hard to breath if does not treat properly. Because the venom from Naja contains Cobrotoxin, and it can make people hard to breathe.


And I think second reason is that most of snakes have a scary skin. So when people sees them, sometimes people will freaks out by those skins.

So I think that’s the main two reasons why people hate snake so much. But there are still some snakes are beneficial to the people. Because some snakes can help eliminate the rats in the farm field. So even though people hates them, but these ancient species are still an important members in the ecosystem.

3 thoughts on “Why does people hate snakes??

  1. Zihan Wang

    I think snake is a ancient animal in earth like what you mentioned. Snake and crocodile are two species exist in earth for several million years, and they all have sacred outlook. After extreme living situation such as cold, snake didn’t died out like dinosaurs. Snakes have no foot, and they depend on their skin to move. I another way, their skin have too many useful functions not only just for beautiful outlook. Actually, I am not afraid of snake, and, even in some provinces of China, people regard snake as food. Different people have different views about snakes, but one thing ought to be admitted that snake in natural evolution is successful.
    here is a video about sacred snake

  2. Kaitlyn A Kaminski

    Hi Pengji,

    You have no idea how much I feel this post on a spiritual level! I CANNOT stand snakes!!!! I think when I was younger I was able to play with worms, but then I watched snakes attack on Animal Planet and it ruined my whole feeling about things that crawl (worms, snakes, centipedes, etc.). I recently watch the show “Stalker” and there was one episode where a woman was being stalked and the guy knew her biggest fear was snakes, so when she feel asleep he planted snakes in her bedroom… She woke up and had a panic attack when all of the snakes were slithering on her (I wouldn’t even know what to do!). I feel so uncomfortable and get the biggest anxious feeling when I see a snake regardless if it is a picture or in person. I attached a link below about how people are afraid of snakes because of ignorance… http://www.dailyrecordnews.com/news/snake-safety-for-hiking-around-ellensburg/article_cca94384-8602-5c0a-8261-e33854764b4f.html Yes, I probably am ignorant about snakes but I firmly believe my fear is rational.

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