I have always been fascinated by dinosaurs and evolution.  We are still discovering things everyday about what the world was like before humans inhabited the Earth.   The paleontologists and archaeologists who take on the task of uncovering the many Millenia that remain a mystery to us are a vital part of the scientific world and offer us a glimpse into the past.  Recently there have been several fascinating findings in paleontology.

Specifically, new discoveries are being made regarding the Pterosauria order of dinosaur. A winged order of dinosaur closely considered to be reptiles, the Pterosaurs  Found all over the world, during their heyday, the Pterosaurs ranged in size and featured large brains. A new species of pterosaur was recently discovered in Patagonia. Alive during the early Jurassic period, this new species of pterosaur will be called Allkaruen koi, meaning “ancient brain”. The find was unusual is it included, amongst many other fossils, a fully intact braincase. This will allow paleontologists the opportunity to study the brain compisition of the species. Last year a different species of the fantastic flying pterosaur was found in Utah. This new discovery helps bring us closer to understanding the species and the order as a whole.

If you, like me, can’t get enough dinosaurs you’ll be interested to know that more pterosaurs fossils have been found in China. One of which was the skull of a male Hamipterus tianshanensisThis marks the discovery of an entirely new genus and species, separate from that of the pterosaurs’ found in Patagonia.  New things are being discovered about the pterosaurs all the time. This latest round of discoveries brings us one step closer to understanding them.

The public has long been fascinated with dinosaurs, take for instance the recent success of Jurassic World, the next chapter of the Jurassic Park series th;at captivated the world years ago.



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  1. Zihan Wang

    Dinosaur is magic species exists in earth 65 million years ago, and they dominated earth for many years. In your blog, you mention several types of dinosaurs such as Pterosauria. For modern people, skeletons are the most useful way to approach the history of dinosaurs, because skeletons don’t disappeared. The dinosaurs’ bodies are no more existing, but bones are still available now. 65 million years ago, lands didn’t begin to drift and they are together, while scientists can find skeletons all around the earth including Asian, European, and north pole.

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